Long Playing (LP): 33 1/3 Anniversary Exhibition

February 19 – March 19, 2016

Ancestor Head

Press Release

Over the past thirty years plus, the Douglas Dawson Gallery has mounted regular thematic exhibitions of ancient and historic ethnographic art with a principal focus on aesthetics, supplemented by detailed contextual information.  These numerous exhibitions have included art of pre-Columbian America, African ceramics and sculpture, Japanese ceramics and textiles, and archaic Asian art and artifacts. This exhibition “Long Playing (LP) 33 1/3” celebrates 33 1/3 years of such memorable exhibitions.

Curated by the Douglas Dawson gallery staff, Nancy Bender, Armando Espana, Wallace Bowling, and of course Douglas Dawson, this exhibition highlights our current and available inventory. These various selections commemorate a wide range of exhibitions spanning the thirty three and one-third years at six different gallery locations.  The annotated list below aligns each present object with a past exhibition. Hope you enjoy this exhibition as much as we enjoyed remembering/researching our past.

Gallery Exhibitions Celebrated 

1983  Great Textiles Tradition: FOLK JAPAN   

1984 Indonesia

1985 Ceremonial Textiles from Zaire

1986 Masks: Mexico, Guatemala, and Bolivia,

1987  OCEANIA, Traditional art of New Guinea and Melanesia 

1988  IKAT : THE UNCOMMON THREAD               

1989  Deadly Intentions: Traditional Tribal Weaponry

1990  Narino: Painted Pottery of Ancient Colombia

1991 MONEY Traditional Tribal Currency

1992 Ancient Splendors: Pre-Columbian Art of the Americas

1993 African Ceramics: Ancient and Historic Earthenware Vessels

1994  SHIBORI  Tie-Dye Textiles of Japan 1900 – 1926


1996  STONES: Ancient Stone Sculpture from the Americas

1997  Ancient Colombian Ceramics of Narino

1998  In the Diminutive: Miniature Buildings

1999  KNOCK-KNOCK: Antique Tribal Doors

2000  High Style: Chinese Art Deco Furniture

2001  Of the Earth: Ancient and Historic African Ceramics

2002  Yoruba Beadwork


2004  Chancay, Art of Coastal Peru

2005  Oribe (Japanese Ceramics)

2006  Casas Grandes: Ancient Ceramics of Northern Mexico

2007  From There To Here: Turning 25

2008  Be Seated: African Furniture

2009 First Art: Historic African Ceramics

2010  2500 Years of Clay: African Ceramics

2011 Amazonian Clay: Ceramics of the Shipibo-Conibo Indians

2012 Animal Instinct

2013  Modernist Roots: Ethnographic Influences on Modernist Aesthetic

2014  Scaled Down: The Power of Small

2015  Keeping Secrets: Fetish in African Art