Wallace Bowling Constructs

March 18 – April 15, 2017

Brownie (after Duchamp)
Heros and Martyrs

Press Release

This architect’s recent artwork - minimalist “constructsfocuses on the action of viewing an image or object.  Markedly different than viewing a traditionally installed painting, each construct requires more than merely looking. Closed constructs must be opened to reveal the concealed tableau. Some may even require participation in assembling.  All is calculated, and more often manipulated. Even minor details, such as the direction the construct opens, dictate the viewer’s interface.  Some may open only partially, denying the viewer.  Some constructs evoke a tinge of pleasure while others may create a distinct uneasiness.  One’s emotions are heightened by this channeled participation.  Hence the viewer becomes an intimate part of the piece.   Wallace Bowling


The inclusion of industrial artifacts - knobs, latches, hooks and all sorts of often-unidentifiable machine parts - is meant to compliment or reinforce the implied message of the boxes.   They pull these boxes, originally used for cigars, slightly out of context and add a degree of the absurd or the exotic.  Most are rusted artifacts from the age of metal (now the age of plastic) and are as enigmatic to contemporary viewers as wooden tools and artifacts would have been to a previous generation.   This enigmatic situation allows some to have new lives as Paleolithic creatures in pseudo-dioramas or imply some mechanism essential to the box.  In many cases the conceptual ‘seed’ for the box was a surreptitious marriage of found object with box – one physically fitting perfectly with the other, then later suggesting the story.  Douglas Dawson